Sumari was a Twi'lek female who served as the matriarch of Kalikori Village on Tython during the Cold War. Not the first leader of Kalikori, Sumari became the leader of the settlement when Kolovish decided that her time as matriarch had ended. Sumari was thrust into the position and was immediately forced to fend off political officers and Jedi neighbors, ordering the settlers off Tython due to it's illegal establishment.

As time went on, Sumari developed a deep loathing for the Jedi, and soon began to think about a Tython that would belong solely to the settlers. Before she could act on any thought, the native Flesh Raiders attacked the settlement and changed Kalikori's way of life. Sumari focused on keeping her people safe, ignoring the idea that Jedi assistance might a good option. She came down with a sickness during this time that kept most of her aggression at bay.

She and her daughter, Ranna Tao'Ven, were visited by a Padawan sent by Jedi Master Orgus Din to offer assistance with holding back the Flesh Raiders. Almost about to turn the offer down, her sickness forced her to leave the meeting and retire to her chambers. The tasks of matriarch were still manager by Sumari even as her sickness left her bed-ridden. She eventually passed away from her illness, and the duties as matriarch were passed down to Ranna.


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