Non-Player Character
Titan 6

TITAN 6 is the second boss in operation Scum and Villainy.


Story Mode

TITAN 6 doesn't move normally. To that end, tanking him is pretty easy. However, throughout the battle, the party should be spread around the entire fight, because he has couple of attacks, that damage small areas, most notably the attack called Lots of Missiles. When he says "Initiate defense sequence three!", he will launch into the air in 10 seconds. In that time frame, everyone must run behind a rock to hide. There are several rocks in the battle area, and multiple players can hide behind the same rock. Launch will cause a flame wave that deals extreme damage if caught by it. Hiding behind a rock protects from its damage. When the boss comes down, he has switched to a different spot, and he also brings a number of additional enemies. Off Tank needs to taunt the enemies and bring them to the boss, where they can be eliminated with area of effect attacks. This way the boss will be damaged at the same time. This pattern will be repeated until his health has dropped below 20%. When this happens he will transform into a different form. In this form he will begin to generate a flame ring around himself. Tanks and melee DPS should be close to him and ranged DPS and Healers need to stay outside the flame ring. Melee DPS can get through the flame ring through gaps in it. Group must still be spread out as much as possible, because the boss will launch missiles at players even in this form. Unleash everything you have in this phase and the boss will eventually fall.

There are total of 5 spots where the boss will land after each launch. If the boss reaches the last spot in the middle of the battle area, you have about 1 minute until he enrages.

Hard Mode

Hard Mode tactics are same as in Story Mode, but as usual, there are few new things to know about.

The boss has one new attack, Massive Grenade. Tanks will be the target for this. When Tank gets this bomb onto himself, he must run far away from group, and other Tank must taunt him. The grenade has a very wide explosion radius. It will be shown as a red marker. Also, boss' kick attack that causes stun is now worse. The stun lasts 1 minute unless player uses break ability to free himself. Tanks are prime target for this too. It's advisable for Tanks to do swapping after every Massive Grenade. This way the cooldowns for their break abilities should have run out.

The boss will also launch into the air much faster. Launch will always follow after second use of Lots of Missiles. When the boss uses Lots of Missiles the second time, everyone needs to run behind their rocks. However, on 8 man hard mode only one character is allowed per rock, two in 16 man. It's therefore advisable to decide who takes what rock before starting the battle.

Operation Boss Fight Videos

Story Mode

Titan 6 8-Man Story Mode07:21

Titan 6 8-Man Story Mode

Titan 6 8-Man Story Mode Kill by Dulfy

Hard Mode

Titan 6 8-Man Hard Mode07:08

Titan 6 8-Man Hard Mode

Titan 6 8-Man Hard Mode Kill by Dulfy

Nightmare Mode

Titan 6 8-Man Nightmare Mode07:07

Titan 6 8-Man Nightmare Mode

Titan 6 8-Man Nightmare Mode Kill by Dulfy

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