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Taloran village
Talloran Village
Ord Mantell Separatist Movement
Native Races
"One of the few settlements around Fort Garnik not originally founded by criminals, Talloran village began as home to the laborers and their families who toiled in the island’s starship ports and shipping warehouses. The people of Talloran were hardworking, mostly poor and easily exploited by the corrupt businessmen in charge of Ord Mantell’s government. When the separatists came to the island, Talloran was the first village they infiltrated. The people, long oppressed by the existing power structure, were ready to side with anyone who offered them a way out. Ironically, siding with the separatists only got the workers trapped inside their village as the Republic laid siege to the enemy occupation."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

Talloran Village is one of the sites of a recent takeover my Ord Mantell Separatists. Once a village with a populous that was all but too happy to help the Galactic Republic, the citizens have now bee moved to refugee camps elsewhere on the planet. With the takeover of the Separatists, the small town has now become a site of datalink hubs, intelligence equipment, and separatist forces.

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