This lore can be found by a Consular on Corellia.


Claiming descent from the early heroes of the Republic, the Bakvalens are a family of nobles who have lived on Corellia for centuries. Bakvalen Hall, their ancestral seat, has become a landmark on the borders of Axial Park. Several generations ago, the family suffered something of a scandal when Jhaka Bakvalen, then the eldest daughter, turned her back on life as a noble and joined the Republic military as a lowly starfighter pilot. Disowned by her father, she changed her surname to the more common “Bakarn” and became a renowned fighter ace. Jhaka eventually led her squadron to glory against a dangerous warlord in the Outer Rim, but she was killed in the final assault. Overcome with grief and pride at his daughter’s heroism, her father changed the family name to Bakarn–the name their scions are known by to this day.

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