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The Battle of Ilum
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Level 48-50
Location Ilum
Previous Next
Directive 7 The False Emperor
Gark the Indomitable
Drinda-Zel and Velasu Graege
Krel Thak
Guid Patriarch
Commander Folex
Darth Serevin

The Battle of Ilum is an end-game Flashpoint.


There is a traitor among the Sith. Using their knowledge of the Imperial military to their own advantage, one of the most feared military commanders in the galaxy has turned their back on the Empire, and has declared themselves the leader of a new, stronger Empire. Now the traitorous Sith Lord has commandeered a powerful Imperial battlestation, and has used their influence to build a formidable army. Now the traitor intends to use a fleet of experimental starships to purge the Empire of old and crush the Republic once and for all.

The new Empire's new target: Ilum. As Imperial and Republic forces clash over this vital world, the new Empire's fleet intervenes and opens fire on both factions weakened forces. With this new Empire posing a threat to both the Republic and Empire, both sides assemble teams of their most powerful and experienced heroes. Their mission: fight through the renegade's forces, commandeer one of their ships and make their way to the Sith traitor's battlestation.

The Battle of Ilum is available to both Republic and Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced at level 50.


Darth Malgus has declared himself the leader of a new inclusive Empire that will unite the galaxy by purging the old, weak Empire and eradicating the Republic. From his hidden throne aboard the Emperor's stealth space station, Malgus commands a vast army of loyal aliens and humans. He has called on his followers to invade Ilum and seize the planet's Adegan crystals--rare elements essential to the completion of Malgus's all-powerful stealth fleet. To find Malgus and end his revolution, you must defend Ilum and secure a command ship from the invading stealth fleet.

Already the battle rages on Ilum. Take a shuttle to the front lines, and join the fray.


•Board the Shuttle to the Battlefield
◦Bonus mission: Evening the Odds
•Take a Speeder to the Trenches
•Disable the Security Field
◦Bonus mission: Evening the Odds
◦Bonus mission: Crystal Fortress
•Get to Fort Barrow
◦Bonus mission: Evening the Odds
◦Bonus mission: Crystal Fortress
•Destroy Force Field Generator A
◦Bonus mission: Evening the Odds
◦Bonus mission: Crystal Fortress
•Destroy Force Field Generator B
◦Bonus mission: Evening the Odds
◦Bonus mission: Crystal Fortress
•Destroy Force Field Generator C
◦Bonus mission: Evening the Odds
◦Bonus mission: Crystal Fortress
•Override the Security Console
◦Bonus mission: Evening the Odds
◦Bonus mission: Crystal Fortress
•Locate the Stealth Ship Prototype
◦Bonus mission: Evening the Odds
◦Bonus mission: Crystal Fortress
•Defeat Darth Serevin
◦Bonus mission: Evening the Odds


1. Gark the Indomitable

This is the first boss.

2. Drinda-Zel and Velasu Graege

This is the second boss.

3. Krel Thak

This is the third boss.

4. Guid Patriarch

This is the fourth and optional boss.

5. Commander Folex

This is the fifth boss.

6. Darth Serevin

This is the final boss.


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