This article is about the warzone arena. You may be looking for the warzone Novare Coast.
Novare Coast
1337428569 novare coast 01
The mortar turrets need to be controlled at all costs.
Map pvp denova main r
The terrain around the turrets prevents much escape.
Vital statistics
Type Warzone Arena
Level 15+
Location Denova
Inhabitants Players
The Denova Coast is the most contested battlezone on the planet Denova. Both Republic and Imperial forces have taken control over the rest of the planet, and now all that's left is the coast of Novare. Whoever takes control of the beach will have control of the most ground on the planet, so the fighting here is the most important to Denova's future.


The planet is extremely rich in minerals, which both the Republic and Empire need in this time of war. The beach is the most crucial, not only because it decides who has the advantage in the battle to contrl Denova, but because three prototype mortar turrets have been planted there. Forces need to be able to control and utilize the turrets on the opposition to have any chance of driving the enemy off the beach. 

Both sides have set up temporary safe zones on the beach, heavily fortified so that neither can be invaded or destroyed. Shuttles with reinforcements are ferried to these safe zones constantly.

The terrain around the mortar turrets is high, rocky, and dangerous to all personnel who are not Force-sensitive, meaning that escape for forces with heavy machinery, weaponry and armor is almost impossible. People that are sent to the beach are stuck there until a winner to the conflict has been decided.

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