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"Alliance spy T7-O1 obtained classified datafiles in the Spire on Zakuul that revealed the existence of an experimental program code-named "Project Exarch." The goal of this initiative is to enhance the best and most loyal Knights of Zakuul with biological and cybernetic upgrades, creating paragons of the Eternal Empire's sociopolitical ideals--and deadly enforcers of Emperor Arcann's might.

Knights who survive the intensely painful conversion process are given the title Exarch and assigned to command a Star Fortress orbiting one of Zakuul's many conquered worlds. Exarchs are not just military commanders and super-soldiers; they are the unquestioned rulers of planets under their watch and answer only to Arcann himself. In addition to governing conquered worlds, Exarchs are quasi-religious leaders who inspire their subordinates with iconography related to the Old Gods of Zakuul's ancient history.
―In-game Codex (Codex/Lore)[src]

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