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Master Orgus Din learned that the Flesh Raiders are using an energy shield to protect their camps. The shields are powered by a generator inside a heavily guarded cave deep inside Flesh Raider territory. Infiltrate the Flesh Raider cave and disable the energy shield control console so Master Orgus can strike at their camps.


  • Shut down the Energy Shield.
  • Clear Out Tythos Ridge (Bonus)
  • Speak to Ranna Tao'Ven
  • Disable Toxin Mine One
  • Disable Toxin Mine Two
  • Disable Toxin Mine Three
  • Return to Ranna Tao'Ven
  • Use your Personal Holocom


  • XP +148
  • Credits Credits (+100)
  • 1 Planetary Commendation

1 Minor Experience Boost & Apprentice's Bracers

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