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"In the years before their imprisonment by the Infinite Empire, the Esh-kha had wiped out countless species and expanded onto their conquered worlds. With so much living space, the Esh-kha population exploded. Eventually, a new patriarch was born while the old one was still healthy, something never seen before. This new patriarch, Hallow Voice, also had peculiar new ideas of how the Esh-kha should cooperate with other species. The Esh-kha realized their group had grown too large and needed to split. Hallow Voice’s birth and his unfamiliar ideas were clearly intended to divide their society and keep it from collapsing. As Esh-kha warriors were born who declared themselves for Hallow Voice, the young patriarch agreed to take his followers away from the main group. They settled on a distant world and began reaching out to nearby cultures. However, the Esh-kha had become known for violence and mass destruction. Only a few tentative alliances were achieved before the Infinite Empire imprisoned the Esh-kha on Belsavis. Still, Jedi historians now wonder if a particular legend of grey-skinned warriors told in the Outer Rim–once thought to concern the Taung–might be a faint memory of Hallow Voice’s followers."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

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