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The Forge
Jedi Order
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"Since the rebuilding of the temple, the very best of the young Jedi have braved the paths through the mountains, hoping to make their first lightsabers at the monument known as the Forge–the ancient Tythonians’ site for creating or mending weapons. When the Jedi returned to Tython, they had only scraps of information on the Forge’s location; it took ten months before a small team finally discovered it, overgrown by vines and half-buried by a landslide. Despite the Forge’s power, many Jedi have sensed a strange darkness or corruption in the region surrounding the Forge. The local beasts are unusually vicious, and the weather often changes without warning. These phenomena mean only the most skilled and combat-ready Padawans are encouraged to seek out the Forge."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

The Forge is acknowledged as the place of the final trial of a Jedi Padawan, as it is the place where lightsabers are constructed for the Order's new Jedi. The Padawan that is ready for this trial either come here at the Force's insistence, or is deemed ready by his or her master and is sent with the master's consent. 


The Forge was constructed as the Jedi Order was founded on the planet Tython in the wake of the conflict to drive the Dark Jedi from the world. The event was known as the Hundred-Year Darkness. In the wake of this event, the Order decided that weapons were unfortunately necessary to defend others as well as themselves, so they constructed a building with stairs leading up to a worktable. If the Padawan learner who stood at the table was deemed worthy through the Force to be ready for such a weapon, the table would allow work to begin, and rebuff those who were too full of the dark side from making one. Sometimes, a Padawan stooped in the dark side would find a way of getting past this block and construct a blade, but the fact that he was infused with the dark side would become evident to his or her masters after showing them the blade.  

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