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The known galaxy spans 30,000 parsecs and includes billions of star systems. For both general travel and military maneuver, charting this space is critical. Sections of the galaxy with the most noteworthy locations are divided into five areas.

Unknown Regions

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The Unknown Regions remain mostly uncharted. The world to note in the Unknown Regions is Ilum

Seat of the Empire

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The Seat of the Empire, as the name indicates, is the birthplace of the Sith Empire, Korriban, as well as the current Imperial capital-world, Dromund Kaas. Taris is also located in this sector.

Hutt Space

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Hutt Space is the entirety of space that is controlled by the Hutt Cartel Noteworth worlds are Hutta, Nar Shaddaa, Quesh and Voss.

Core Worlds

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The Core Worlds includes the Republic capital-world, Coruscant, as well other heavily populated planets such as Alderaan and Corellia.

Distant Outer Rim

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The Distant Outer Rim is very far away from the Core World, approximately 50,000 light-years. Noteworthy worlds in the sector are Belsavis, Hoth and Tatooine.


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