[Republic closest]: Talaos City, The Avenue, Datapad on table near shuttle ( X: 4040 ; Y: 86).

[Empire closest]: Solida Hesk’s Estate, Outskirts, Datapad on crate near shuttle ( X: -3179 ; Y: -2438 ).


As a rich, independent world, Makeb has always had an irresistible lure for the Hutt Cartel. Eventually, a consortium led by the powerful Toborro the Hutt laid plans to seize control of the planet’s mineral wealth. A terrible groundquake that leveled one of Makeb’s cities gave the Hutt Cartel its chance. In the confusion, the Hutts brought a fleet to Makeb. Once the ships arrived, Makeb’s mercenary forces–having been secretly paid off by the Hutt Cartel–rose up and turned against Makeb’s citizens. The mercenaries took over the government’s buildings and helped select Hutt forces land. Although mining operations and businesses still run as normal, the Hutts have the hold on Makeb they have wanted for years.

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