He has asked you to brave the hostile droids, scan their cognitive units and return the data to him for further analysis. Enter the lower ruins of Kaleth, disable Tythonian seekers and then scan them. Once the scanner’s memory is full, return to Jedi Till’in at the forward camp between Kaleth and the Tythos River Valley.


  • Disable and scan Tythonian Droid Seekers 0/5
  • Guardians of The Past (Bonus): Destroy Tythonian Droids 0/15
    • Rewards : XP +218
  • Return to Jedi Till'in



  • XP +1256
  • Credits Credits (+50)
  • 1 Planetary Commendation
  • 1 Minor Medpac


  • 1 Basic Might Stim
  • 1 Basic Resolve Stim

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