The Last Flight
Mission Data
Start Mako
End Mako
Level 3
Type story
Repeatable for No
Location Jiguuna Spaceport
Experience XP +585
Previous Next
Gauntlet Big Chief

"Mako has cracked Vexx’s datapad, and it shows that he’s prepping a shuttle to leave the planet. Braden is sure that if you can stop him, you can win Nem’ro’s Great Hunt sponsorship.

Head to Vexx’s hangar in the Jiguuna spaceport, and stop Vexx from taking off."

―In-game Mission Log[src]

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1. Go to Vexx's Hanger

2. Speak to Vexx

3. Defeat Vexx and Take His ID Tags

4. Return to Braden

5. Speak to Mako

Bonus Missions

Sending a Message

1. Defeat Vexx's Crew (15/15)


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