The Obliteration of Kressh is a lore object on Dromund Kaas.


This lore can be found on Dromund Kaas.

X:-1007, Y:1169


Since before the Great Hyperspace War, the Kressh bloodline was a proud and noble one in the Empire. Pureblooded Sith Lords, strong in the Force, were born to the Kressh line generation after generation. Statues and monuments to Kressh champions could be found across Dromund Kaas–until the Emperor declared the Kressh name an abomination and ordered all evidence of the family obliterated. The reasons why are no longer clear, if they ever were. Once the task is complete, the order itself will be wiped from history. Some believe that the last scion of the Kressh bloodline somehow betrayed the Emperor–but anyone who knows the full truth keeps it to himself.

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