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Led by the famed Arkis Wode, the Schism Collective is a group of Anomid technological savants. Although its members are clearly brilliant, the Schism Collective’s experiments have been condemned as dangerous or even barbaric by Republic observers, and anyone affiliated with the collective is barred from certain systems in Republic space. The Schism Collective’s skills drew the attention of Darth Malgus, who patiently earned its members’ trust with gifts of technology and test subjects. The collective’s technologists have since performed many important services for Malgus, such as incorporating the technology of the ancient Foundry into the Emperor’s captured space station. They have also augmented the weaponry used by Malgus’s forces with Rakata devices and perfected the production of his stealth fleet. Malgus holds up the Schism Collective as an example of alien ingenuity that the old Empire was foolish to reject.

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