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"Built on the swamps of Ancient Zakuul, the Spire symbolizes the golden age Valkorion created for his subjects. The towering metropolis comprises vertically stacked and numbered districts, each of which boasts a labyrinth of museums, restaurants, and entertainment designed for maximum enjoyment.

The highest level, District 52, houses the droid command center Overwatch and the opulent Eternal Throne. Below District 1 is Oldtown, which serves as a dark playground where citizens can explore their more unsightly appetites in privacy and safety. Most Spire denizens have visited Oldtown, but few will admit it.

Though Zakuulan society is deliberately classless, many Spire residents use the districts as a status symbol. Those living on levels near the Eternal Throne may boast of a superior "closeness" to the Emperor while districts near Oldtown are considered the slums. In reality, every district is carefully constructed for identical living conditions, just as the Emperor intended.
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

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