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The Terror From Beyond
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The Terror From Beyond (also known by its native name of Lotek'k) is the fifth and the final boss in the Terror From Beyond operation.


Story Mode

Phase 1

In phase 1, the boss cannot be attacked directly. Before starting the battle, the group must be divided into 2 smaller groups. For example, in 8 player mode this means 2 four-man groups.

When the battle starts, the boss will bring out 2 large tentacles. Damaging the boss will be done through this. Tanks need to taunt the tentacles, while DPS damage the tentacles and also take care of any enemies that spawn from the water. These enemies are suicidal and they will attempt to reach the Tanks. Should they reach them, they explode, causing heavy damage. Also, Healers need to kite around the field to make sure that the boss' spit attack doesn't cause too much trouble. The spits will remain on the ground and they damage anyone standing on them. When one tentacle has been taken out, the boss pulls both of them out. To inflict maximum damage, both tentacles should be killed at the same time. Then, he will spawn a number of small enemies from itself. These enemies will run straight towards the water. DON'T ATTACK THEM!! They are suicidal like the other enemies. If a player gets too close to them, they will explode, causing heavy damage. Run in between them to avoid them completely. After they have gone, the boss will bring in the tentacles again. Repeat this 3-4 times.

Phase 2

For phase 2 the boss will pull the group into the hypergate, into a space between hypergates. In this realm, distances will mean nothing, meaning that melee players can damage the boss even if they aren't in melee range, and Healers can heal anyone from anywhere. However, the boss will reduce all direct damage to it by 75%. This means that direct assault is too slow a way to defeat the boss before he enrages.

The battle area comprises 16 platforms. There is no danger of falling though. Each platform is connected with a small portal. Walk into the portal to move to the next platform.

In this phase, Tanks need to be on the left side platforms and right side platforms and taunt it in turns. When the boss starts channeling Scream, the tank not tanking the boss must taunt it. Scream will inflict Tank with a debuff which increases damage received to 200%. Tanks will keep swapping like this until the boss enters into tantrum. Tanks can also damage the boss with direct attacks as much as possible. Also, the boss will do spits on the tanks platforms. Move away from platform when this happens. The spit will kill you quickly.

DPS will not damage the boss directly. Instead, the boss will have 2 tentacles holding on 2 platforms. DPS need to split up to kill the tentacles at the same time. Note that these tentacles must be killed from melee distance, even if you are ranged DPS, as they will nullify any ranged attacks. Attacks done from the same platform where the tentacle is will count. The tentacles will slam the platform, so move away when this happens. When both tentacles are down, the boss will bring out several enemies called Hypergate Irregularities to the platforms. These must be destroyed in 30 seconds. If not, they will cause constant, heavy damage to the whole group, even if only one remains after time limit has been reached. Tanks and Healers must also focus on taking out these Irregularities. When Irregularities have been taken out, repeat the previous. Note that next 2 tentacles are on different platforms. Irregularities will spawn twice during the battle.

When you have taken out 6 tentacles in total, the boss will enter furious tantrum. Each group member should be on a different platform during this phase. The boss will attack random members, so tanks need to taunt the boss as much as possible. In this phase, attack the boss with everything you have, and hope you can defeat it in time.

Hard Mode

On hard mode, there are couple of new things to look out for.

Phase 1

Phase 1 strategy is nearly identical to Story Mode, but as a new feature, the boss spawns beacons. These beacons must be taken out fast, or you will have to take care of a Hypergate Beacon that functions like Hypergate Irregularities encountered during phase 2. Left unchecked, they can kill the group easily. Also, the enemies are far more deadly.

Phase 2

Phase 2 strategy is also almost the same as Story Mode's, but Scream is now different. The debuff Scream causes doesn't wear off in time like in Story Mode. Instead, Tanks need to move back to the starting platform to cleanse it. Tanks can either move back to the starting platform normally, or they can drop down to the abyss from the platform on the outer edge. This will cause them to be transported instantly to the starting platform, and the debuff is cleansed at the same time. Tanks need to move fast during this phase, or there will be trouble. Also, it's imperative for the Tanks to stand on the platforms closest to the boss. Boss' attacks deal less damage that way.

In here there will be new enemies called Hypergate Anomalies. These function mainly the same way like Hypergate Irregularities, but there will be only 2 of them at a time, and the damage they cause is lower. They damage the group the same way like Irregularities, so it's safe to destroy them. Finally, during the Tantrum phase it's even more important for the Tanks to taunt the boss as much as possible to divert damage away from DPS and Healers.

Operation Boss Fight Videos

Story Mode

The Terror From Beyond 8-Man Story Mode14:47

The Terror From Beyond 8-Man Story Mode

The Terror From Beyond 8-Man Story Mode Kill by Dulfy

Hard Mode

The Terror From Beyond 8-Man Hard Mode14:46

The Terror From Beyond 8-Man Hard Mode

The Terror From Beyond 8-Man Hard Mode Kill by Dulfy

Nightmare Mode

The Terror From Beyond 8-Man Nightmare Mode13:56

The Terror From Beyond 8-Man Nightmare Mode

The Terror From Beyond 8-Man Nightmare Mode Kill by Dulfy

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