Yuleph Phan, master of rituals in Kalikori Village, has offered you the chance to complete a dangerous rite of passage that will prove your worth to the villagers. To complete the rite, you must light the signals along the path to Kolovish, a revered former Matriarch who now lives in the mountains of Tython. Many Padawans have attempted the rite but not all have succeeded. Take the burning brand and light the signals along the path to Kolovish.


  • Light the First Signal
  • Light the Second Signal
  • Light the Third Signal
  • Light the Fourth Signal
  • Speak to Kolovish

BONUS - Clear the Mountain path:

  • Defeat Flesh Raider slavers and slavemasters 0/4

XP +175

Credits Credits (0)


Apprentice's Gloves

XP +1431

Credits Credits (+84)

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