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Writhing Horror
The Writhing Horror
Hypergate Beast

The Writhing Horror is the first boss in Terror From Beyond operation.


Story Mode

The Writhing Horror is unable to move normally. Instead, it moves by burrowing to the ground and appearing in a different spot. There are total of 6 spots where she appears and she appears in them in certain order, so memorizing the spots helps a lot. After about 2 minutes have passed, a Jealous Male will appear along with some Foul Offspring. When this happens, the tank not tanking the Writhing Horror must tank the male and one of the DPS need to go to stand in a red circle to draw the offspring towards himself. DPS then need to use AOE attacks to kill the offspring quickly and then kill the male. Main tank will focus on the boss all the times. There will be more males and offsprings this way in the battle.

Hard Mode

On hard mode, tactics are different when it comes to males and offspring. In this mode there must be a different group member every time on the red circles. Also, Tanks need to swap on the boss. When male appears, main Tank takes male and off-Tank takes the boss. They swap again when the next male appears.

The boss also inflicts a debuff which Healers must cleanse. However, cleansing it will cause yellow spots on the ground where the cleansed player stood at that moment. These spots are harmful and must be avoided. To that end, debuffed player should move to a safe spot, where the yellow spot doesn't interfere.

When the boss' health has reached 15%, a number of Twisted Spawns will appear. Ignore them completely and bring the boss down fast. Twisted Spawns will die when the boss dies.

Nightmare Mode

On Nightmare Mode tactics are the same as in Hard Mode, with the exception that the boss now burrows to a new location randomly. Tanks need to keep their eyes open. Also, Jealous Males will now use knockbacks a lot more often, so standing back to a wall is advisable. As difficult level increases, so does the damage the boss causes.

Operation Boss Fight Videos

Story Mode

The Writhing Horror 8-Man Story Mode03:27

The Writhing Horror 8-Man Story Mode

The Writhing Horror 8-Man Story Mode Kill by Dulfy

Hard Mode

The Writhing Horror 8-Man Hard Mode05:45

The Writhing Horror 8-Man Hard Mode

The Writhing Horror 8-Man Hard Mode Kill by Dulfy

Nightmare Mode

The Writhing Horror 8-Man Nightmare Mode05:35

The Writhing Horror 8-Man Nightmare Mode

The Writhing Horror 8-Man Nightmare Mode Kill by Dulfy

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