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"Thrantas are a species of flying animals indigenous to Alderaan. Their powerful wing muscles and internal air sacs allow them to stay aloft while carrying large amounts of weight, making them perfect aerial mounts. Early Alderaanian colonists made extensive use of thrantas, using them for personal and military transport. Their popularity on Alderaan generated an enormous demand for the animals on Coruscant; thousands of thrantas were transplanted, but they were unable to survive the city-world’s heavy air pollution. Since that debacle, the Alderaanians have refused to export the thrantas offworld and hunting them on Alderaan is strictly forbidden. This has only made thranta smuggling and thranta poaching more appealing in certain circles."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

Thrantas, also called Krogan Dolphin Birds, are a group of flying animals found originally on Alderaan. While there were multiple species and breeds varying in size and functions (some for personal travel, others for massive air ferries), most thrantas served the purpose of being air transport.


Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Ulgo Transport Thranta31CreatureStrong6345

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