• Just started playing this game recently and I find that I am really craving more input from my companions. After playing Dragon Age where you can interact with your companion at any time, I am already missing those intereactions with my companions here.

    I also wish the companions had more comentary out side of specific interaction moments. For example when you play a Sith Warior and Aquire Veete, she comments when you first walk into the Sith Academy, finding it scary.  I would have loved to hear more of that, like when Darth Baaras makes you his aprentis and casually gifts you "the Tweelik slave"  I think that would have invoked some response from her. She seems like such a spirited person that the menton of treating her like property should get to her.

    There are many instances through the Storyline whre it would have been nice to hear more of her personal thoughts even if it wsnt through interactive dialog.

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