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Biographical information
Endor (unspecified)
Physical description
Recruited on
Self-centered, loyal
All (Ranged)
Primary Weapon
Blaster Rifle
None (Appearance)
Primary Stat
Secondary Stat

"Treek is an enthusiastic warrior who defied her primitive tribe’s rigid customs to seek adventure among the stars. Dissatisfied with the peaceful and quiet ways of her people, Treek is determined to achieve great things with her life. She travels the galaxy as a mercenary soldier, always on the hunt for new horizons and epic challenges to conquer. Despite hailing from a technologically-archaic planet and species, Treek has adapted quickly to civilized space. Treek is unconcerned with material possessions or personal power. Her only goal is to forge a legacy that will outlive her. In Treek’s mind, the greatest defeat is to be forgotten. She will do whatever it takes to ensure her name and deeds will be celebrated long after she is gone."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Treek is an female Ewok who can be unlocked as a companion character for any class at level 10.

Treek is said to be the first of her species to actually leave her homeworld and learn the technology and wonders of interstellar travel. Upon her departure from her homeworld, she did mercenary work for several different planetary organizations, and has been seen on Balmorra, Nar Shaddaa and Ord Mantell, among many other planets engulfed in rebellion or civil strife.

Treek is an Ewok character that can be unlocked as a companion character for any class, as added in Game Update 2.3: Titans of Industry. Treek is unlocked through purchasing or obtaining the Mercenary Contract, which, when used, will start a mission. Once the mission is complete, Treek will be added to your crew window, character roster, and will occupy a room on your ship.


Random combat chatter:

  • "This fight will not last long!"
  • "I take trophies later. More fighting!"
  • "I claim any spoils you do not, Chief."
  • "I will crush you with my talents endless!"
  • "I will keep your bits as trophies!"
  • "My legend grows!"
  • "You face the Empire's secret weapon!"
  • "You are not worth my chief's time!"
  • "Feel a warrior's fury!"
  • "I will conquer all!"
  • "You are big and stupid!"
  • "I have injuries many to give you!"
  • "No victory for you--only pain!"
  • "Victory!"
  • "Now I conquer foes many!"
  • "Too easy--I need greater challenges!"
  • "We go to battle!"
  • "You are weaker than a munyip!"
  • "We conquer again, Chief."
  • "You are not so tough!."
  • "You cannot defeat a legend!"
  • "Another stupid foe gone! Bring more!"
  • "I have talents many to defeat you!"
  • "My fate is your destruction!"
  • "I was born for battle!"
  • "Look what I have done for you, Chief!"
  • "This day I am unstoppable!"
  • "The deed is done! This foe is vanquished!"
  • "I defeat enemies endless! Add another!"
  • "You are not even worth adding to my legend."
  • "We have a new tale for our legends, Chief."
  • "You underestimate me!"
  • "Defeat comes for you!"
  • "Take that! And that!"
  • "You call yourself a foe? I laugh at you flailing!"
  • "Fate was not kind to this foe!"

When summoned:

  • "A new tale begins."
  • "I'm ready to fight for you!"
  • "You have foes? I will kill them all"
  • "Point me at the problem, Chief. I will solve it."
  • "Glory and stars endless await, Chief. We go!"

When dismissed:

  • "Don't start any battle without me Chief!."
  • "Call when you need me. I will come."
  • "Good luck Chief."
  • "I will make new songs until you need me."
  • "I will dream of new stars to conquer."
  • "I will prepare for our next battle."
  • "Do not journey far without me, Chief!"

When accepting a gift:

  • "A bonus payment for my services You are kind, Chief."
  • This gift is legendary. You are good to me, Chief."
  • "I claim any spoils you do not, Chief."
  • "Oh Where did you find such things? Thank you, Chief. I will never lose this!"

When you click on her and she is not ready to talk (Sith Empire version):

  • "If this war takes me to the stars endless, it is always worth fighting."
  • "Your foes are endless, but so is my thirst for great battles."
  • "You lead Chief. I go where you say."
  • "The Empire will conquer to glory. I am happy to join it."
  • "To hunt, to conquer, to yield never...this why I live."
  • "There is no greater happiness than knowing I have fought well and conquered all."
  • "Foes many underestimate me. I make them regret their mistake."
  • "Today I woke hungry for challenges. Lead me to them."
  • "Every journey with you leads to great rewards many."
  • "We will show your foes what a legend is, Chief."
  • "There is no better chief than you anywhere."
  • "Where you leave fear remains. That is a good policy. The survivors will remember."
  • "It is always an honor to follow you into battle."
  • "My tribe would not understand tales, Chief. They are too legendary."
  • "I have come far since my homeworld. I will go even further."

When you click on her and she is not ready to talk (Galactic Republic version):

  • "I make songs of your journeys. One day we will sing them."
  • "We will crush many foes today."
  • "I Journey with my chief. Today is a good day."
  • "someday, they will sing our legends in loud voices endless."
  • "Show me your foes, Chief. I will crush them all."
  • "I wake each day and ask, "What will I conquer?""
  • "People watch you when you pass them, Chief -- and I watch back."
  • "When this war ends none will sing the Empire's legends."
  • "My homeworld offers no challenges greater than the ones we conquer."
  • "I do not ask for much in life -- only challenges to conquer."
  • "Your foes do not know how much trouble we have for them!"
  • '"We go and become legends."
  • "The Republic has foes endless. I will never become restless."
  • "raveling light is a good policy. We do not slow down."
  • "We will crush foes many today."
  • "Fighting droids does not make a good legend, but it is better than nothing."
  • "You are a good chief, you lead me to greatness."

When she wants to talk on your ship (Sith Empire version):

  • "We will talk on the starship when you are ready, Chief."

When she wants to talk on your ship (Galactic Republic version):

  • "I hope we visit your starship and speak soon, Chief."

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