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Trooper Armor is the armor that a Republic Trooper uses. This armor progresses as the Trooper gains more experience in combat. Troopers wear heavy armor.


They come in several types.

  • Grey, basic items that typically have no attribute modifications.
  • Green, drops off most mobs or rewards for missions. Will have set stats.
  • Crafted green will sometimes have 1 mod slot you can expand.
  • Blue, better than green of same level and will have set stats, sometimes with mods available.
  • Orange, are better than blue, green, or grey and will have 4 open mod slots. They are very customisable and can be modified through every level so you keep the same armor throughout leveling.
  • Purple will have set stats but will have better states at that level. Creating a custom toon to stay at level 15 and never level will prefer purple but orange is better if you want to keep leveling.

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