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"Underworld Trading entails the exchange of goods and services on the galactic black market. Sending your companions on Underworld Trading missions can yield luxury fabrics and underworld metals used to construct prototype and artifact armor, earpieces, grenades, space upgrades, and weapon and armor modifications. Other possible rewards include gifts for companions to raise their Affection rating.

Recommended Crafting Skills: Armormech, Cybertech and Synthweaving.
―In-game Codex (Crew Skills)[src]

Underworld Trading is one of the four Mission Skills. It involves expertise in the trading of illegal goods and services. Crew missions for Luxury Cloth, Underworld Metals, and companion gifts.

Generally Underworld Trading provides materials to make items that are of Prototype (Rare/Blue) or Artifact (Epic/Purple) quality.

It is one of the skills that provides the required materials for Synthweaving, Armormech and Cybertech.

★SWTOR - Crew Skills Gameplay Guide - Synthweaving - Making Credits - Tips and Tricks 304:13

★SWTOR - Crew Skills Gameplay Guide - Synthweaving - Making Credits - Tips and Tricks 3

Here can be seen gameplay of Underworld Trading and how it works with Synthweaving in game.

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