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"The Upper Industrial Sector is the center of manufacturing and industry for Republic corporations on Nar Shaddaa. Here, centuries-old droid construction facilities stand next to the cluttered offices of startup firms desperate for resources and space. The companies share a common need for heavy security and compete for similar clientele, ensuring that this sector remains a choice location–but are otherwise wholly independent. For a corporation headquartered in Republic space, Nar Shaddaa is a convenient place to develop technologies restricted by Republic laws–or from which to deal with foreign parties. The Senate frowns on these activities, but just as often turns a blind eye when these same corporations bring their innovations back to Republic worlds."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

The Upper Industrial Sector is comprised largely of Republic corporations taking advantage of the business and economic climate of Nar Shaddaa. From Nar Shaddaa, they can conduct their research that otherwise would be restricted or forbidden at their normal headquarters and facilities inside Republic territory.

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Codex Entry

The Upper Industrial Sector is described in an in-game Codex entry for Nar Shaddaa that is unlocked by traveling to the sector. It is listed in the Locations section of the Codex.

Taxi Platform

Notable NPCs


Other Access

Exchange Factory Square


Hutt Generator Tower

The Hutt Generator Tower is located at the north side of the Large Production Facilities area.

Imperial Operations Center

Notable NPCs

Large Scale Production Facilities

The Hutt Generator Tower is along the north edge of this area. So when entering the area from the east, sometimes the minimap in-game will switch to showing the Hutt Generator Tower. You can keep going straight or head west to stay in the Large Scale Production Facilities area.



Main Production Boulevard

Notable NPCs


Republic Power Generation


Upper Industrial Medcenter



Abandoned Factory

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