For those who are new and don't know me, I'm am Alexsau1991 - Alex. And I've been an editor here on TOR wiki since it's inception back in 2008, as more information came from BioWare and I dedicated more hours to TOR Wiki and subsequently I became an Admin and Bureaucrat.

My aim, and the aim of all other editors, was to make this the top resource for information for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and as far as wiki resources go, we did achieve that aim.

But unfortunately it just wasn't to be, wiki implemented an unpopular new skin, and moved from a practical encyclopaedic layout to function more like a social networking site, this caused a split, which expanded when Curse revived one of our former competitors, and since our editors here have been migrating to this Curse wiki; the most prominent, and dare I say valuable contributor we lost was Heaven's Agent, who was great with wiki coding and set up many of the attractive templates we have here.

When Heaven's Agent left me and a couple of other editors, such as Scimatt16, also considered leaving with Heaven's Agent. But decided to stick with Wikia for now, out of sentimentality, loyalty and we did have a bit of faith that Wikia might start to listen to it's editors.

But mind has now been finally made up, I am leaving, after I discovered how poorly that Wikia has treated Ausir, a former Wikia employee who did allot for this wiki, and dare I said Wikia in general.

I do urge all editors, new and old, who read this to come with me to WikiSWTOR. There we can combine our efforts and really create a fantastic TOR encyclopaedic.

If you want to consider remaining here, perhaps out of loyalty to wiki, love of this wiki or for those you know who edit on this wiki. Please consider the length of time, the amount of hours I have put into this wiki, and the people who I have edited with just to gage my involvement in this project, and the fact that leaving with me is not "giving up", or admitting defeat.

I also personally urge Scimatt16 and Drudenfusz to reconsider and join WikiSwtor with me. That goes for everyone. Creative Commons Licensing means that any work your partiacually fond of can be taken with us, assuming that you can justly fit it in at WikiSWTOR.