This is an argument with a history as long as time on Wikipedia; which spelling does an article take? The American - which often drops the letter u, reverse re to read er and generally just ruins the English language lol. Or does it take the original spelling of the English language as written in England?

A no-brainer, its gotta be the latter - of course being British, I'm not biased at all. Well you'd think so but no.

We must follow the spelling that is used in the media-product that is being documented, Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is American. All spellings in the game will be in American, and we must follow suit. I thought after reading someone who changed it and said that he 'didn't want to start a debate' and I thought that it should be cleared up.

Their will be allot of articles that contain the English spelling merely because I don't think to change it, and it is always correct if you see such a spelling that it is changed to the American equivalent. I have written Armour allot in articles for example.

As for words their are a few exceptions, one being lifts are called lifts in Star Wars rather than elevator, other such cases may present them selves but they can be decided on as and when.

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