After looking at WoWWiki recently and noting the inclusion of the non-mmo related games (Warcraft) in the same series created by Blizzard and I thought, why are we not including Knights of the Old Republic in this project?

Knights of the Old Republic are both part of the Star Wars: The Old Republic series (actually vice-versa) and they provide the back-story of TOR. The inclusion of KOTOR will also give us an advantage over our major competitors because it will allow us to provide extensive information about a game that has already been released.

It will also mean that we are the ultimate encyclopaedic for the entire series (from a gaming scope), it will allow us to develop a more intrercal manual of style prior to TOR's release.

I'm not great at putting my point across but you get the gist of it. I can't think of any reasons why not, what does our community and other admin think?

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