In addition to some of the space combat details, that I listed yesterday, PC Gamer has revealed the two Advance Classes for the Jedi Knight: the Jedi Sentinel and the Jedi Guardian (which, along with Jedi Consular, were the three Jedi Classes in KOTOR 1&2). The Jedi Sentinel is described to be a duel wielding DPS, ability to wear lighter armour, whilst the guardian is the single wielding "tank" class that can wear the much heavier armour (mirroring the Sith Marauder and Sith Juggernaut). Lucas arts have confirmed that these are the names of the advance classes but can't provide any further details.

The Jedi Knight
Advanced Classes
Jedi SentinelJedi Guardian
T7-O1Kira CarsenDocSergeant RuskLord Scourge

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