The October edition of PC Gamer magazine will contain some interesting new information about space combat.


Here is a list of details: (They are translated from German, so they may not make complete sense.)

  • The missions should last no longer than a few minutes, and are therefore more of a short action-snack "in between.
  • At release, there will be no PvP ship combat.
    • In the future BioWare does plan to introduce co-op/pvp ship combat.
  • The mission, which was allowed to test PC Action, included hunters, Corvettes and cruisers. Their task was to shoot down 20 enemy fighters and destroy the capital ship.
  • The missions are nicely staged, are not just boring laying around in nothing there
  • Space combat is currently only single player, the goals will be flown on the bridge of his own spaceship
  • There are also escort missions planned
  • All space missions are currently optional, no one has to do it if he does not want
  • There will be six different types of spacecraft. Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, Imperial Agents and Troopers have a personal ships. The Jedi and Sith classes share the same model.

An low-res image of what space combat will look like; showing a glimpse of another player-ship very similar to this one.

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