Treaty of Coruscant

Republic and Imperials agreeing to the terms of the Treaty.

The following was posted by lead writer Daniel Erickson, and it clarifies and raises points and questions on the Treaty of Coruscant. These can help us go into further specifics on the article its self.

There are some facts about the Treaty of Coruscant that are well known in the universe of The Old Republic... and many questions.

What do people know?

  • Despite numerous setbacks the Empire was still clearly stronger before the Treaty discussions. Optimistic claims by Republic historians that the Empire was running out of manpower have a grain of truth but the Empire had just started razing conquered lands instead of capturing and holding them.
  • The Republic Senate was shocked when Imperial Diplomats announced that the Emperor desired peace. They were suspicious but too far back on their heels to refuse.
  • The Treaty discussions were to be held on Alderaan. Sensing a trap, the Senate required the vast majority of its best Jedi to attend. Calls from a few Jedi about the danger of leaving other places undefended were largely ignored.
  • During the Treaty discussions on Alderaan the Empire attacked Coruscant in a complicated raid that had clearly taken years to plan. They demolished the Jedi temple and bombed many of the major manufacturing and cultural landmarks on the planet.
  • With Coruscant at their mercy the Empire demanded the Republic sign the Treaty before them without negotiation.
  • The Treaty of Coruscant isn't a particularly punishing document for a conquered people. Imperial held space stays Imperial and Republic held space stays Republic. Neither commits acts of violence in either space. Neutral space has no particular restrictions although a clause calls for "reasonable restraint" in such cases.
  • The only strange clause in the Treaty of Coruscant is the ceding of several small, mostly uninhabited and unimportant star systems to the Empire.
  • The Republic was horrified at the Sacking of Coruscant, puzzled by the lack of harshness in the Treaty and generally left confused and shaken.
  • The vast majority of the rank and file Sith were under the impression that the Alderaan Treaty discussions were a feint and were outraged when they were forced to walk away from Coruscant and the war in what they saw as their greatest triumph. The upcoming Darth Malgus book, Deceived, does a good job of covering this time period.

What don't people know?

  • Was it really the Emperor who called for the Treaty? If so, why? If not, who else could? The Emperor has still never been seen by any member of the Republic and was not at the Treaty signing.
  • If the Treaty wasn't harsh, why sack Corsucant to assure it's quick signing?
  • Why ask for those few star systems?

Conspiracy theories abound across both the Republic and the Empire.


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