Well in Wikia's latest demonstration in pandering to their advertisers rather than taking care of their communities they have decided to make another change, which is to be welcomed by their already disgruntled communities in the same manner that Sarah Ferguson would, at any British function.

In this latest feature wikia is introducing their 'Message Walls' which are to replace user talkpages. Working in a similar way to the blogs, posters will type their message without going to the editor screen. Once 20 messages have been posted then it will be archived, and un-editable by anyone - including local Admin.

For now this isn't going to change article talkpages, only user talkpages. As for a reason that I don't understand this won't change forums, even though it seebeneficialcal to that (and only that, in my opinion).

Other things to know:

  • Those of you who don't use Oasis, and have remained with Monobook - this will effect you too.
  • This will be introduced on every wikia wiki, with community members having no say what so ever. Surprise, surprise!
Read all about it there on Wikia.

So, you've heard the facts (however biased and opinionated they may be) and my negative review to these changes ala Facebook. What are other people's opinions?

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