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  • I live in San Francisco, CA
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is Being a Robot
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    Combat Log Parser

    April 12, 2012 by AskMrRobot

    Talk about a perfect project for Mr. Robot – he’s a data analysis MACHINE! To live up to that title, he’s built several features for us humans to use. You can check out the combat log tool here, or check out a view with pre-loaded logs.

    • Easy uploading: You can upload your combat logs with any name, even if you renamed it. You can also upload several logs at the same time, if they are from the same run. However, Mr. Robot doesn’t want you to upload unrelated logs, it will confuse him! (Don’t worry, he’ll give you a warning if he’s confused). You can find your combat log in under “My Documents > Star Wars – The Old Republic > Combat Logs.” If the folder is empty, make sure you have “Enable Combat Logging” checked in your preferences menu in-g…
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  • AskMrRobot

    It’s time to get your undies in a bundle! Mr. Robot is THE FIRST database to have the patch 1.2 SWTOR items live! You can /cheer for him now… maybe even a /woot would be appropriate.

    • 1.2 Legacy Gear
    • 1.2 Light Armor
    • 1.2 Medium Armor
    • 1.2 Heavy Armor
    • 1.2 Ears / Implants / Relics
    • 1.2 Ranged Weapons
    • 1.2 Melee Weapons
    • 1.2 Offhands
    • 1.2 Mods
    • 1.2 Consumables
    • 1.2 Companion Gear
    • Campaign gear is currently a bit messy, we’re cleaning it up

    Need a little help sorting through what’s what?

    • Legacy System
    • 1.2 Armor Models
    • Black Hole Dailies on Corellia

    You can now equip any of the gear to a character in Mr. Robot’s Character Builder, see an example of a full War Hero set. If you don’t want to sift through those items on your character, there is a toggle to turn the 1.2 it…

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  • AskMrRobot

    We just launched a new item database, and you're probably wondering why the internet needs another source. The answer: this one is accurate and has a lot of cool data.

    • Fake items have been removed. Some items, like mastercraft mods, currently don't exist, so you won't find them in our database.
    • Mods & gear they can be ripped from: we are the first and only database to give you a list of gear that mods can be ripped from, see for yourself.
    • Random items & their variants: we are also the first and only source to have a complete list of random items and all variants, like this example.
    • Crafted items and variants: we also have all of the crafted variants with correct stats.
    • 3rd party API: in the next couple of weeks, we are launching an API that will …
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  • AskMrRobot

    Today (March 5, 2012), Bioware hosted a guild summit and discussed a lot of upcoming changes in patch 1.2.

    • They are expanding on a lot of the legacy features
    • All crafting crew skills will be reworked so they are all useable for end-game
    • Several guild features will roll out, including a guild bank
    • 2 new dungeons will be released, 1 operation (Explosive Conflict) and 1 flashpoint (Lost Island)
    • PVP ranking will be introduced which will help with the matchmaking system
    • A new PVE and PVP set will be introduced
    • A moddable UI will also be implemented (3rd parties won't be able to develop mods, but users will be able to instead move elements of the UI around and customize it. They should be using the word 'customizable' instead of 'moddable')

    For full ar…

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  • AskMrRobot

    Ask Mr. Robot just released a Character Builder and Armory for SW:TOR. Once Bioware releases an official armory, we'll use that to verify characters, which will be pretty handy.

    Right now, you can build your in-game character on the site, including gear, skill-tree, crew skills, and even datacrons. You can also outfit your companions, and set up a wish list. Take a look at my character as an example.

    We have a lot of new features coming very soon, and want to hear your ideas.

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