It’s time to get your undies in a bundle! Mr. Robot is THE FIRST database to have the patch 1.2 SWTOR items live! You can /cheer for him now… maybe even a /woot would be appropriate.

Need a little help sorting through what’s what?

You can now equip any of the gear to a character in Mr. Robot’s Character Builder, see an example of a full War Hero set. If you don’t want to sift through those items on your character, there is a toggle to turn the 1.2 items off.

Remember: Mr. Robot is dedicated to having accurate data. We’re looking for sources for the following sets of items, if you have a screenshot, send it our way!

  • Birthright – where do you get the construction kits?
  • Inheritance – where do you get the MH / OH construction kits?
  • “Elegant” weapons – how / where do you get the recipe?
  • Many of the new crystals – looking for sources

We have several suspicious items that we’ve taken out, since we doubt their existence. We’re suspicious of the items listed below – if you have a screenshot of their existence, send it our way.

  • Champion War Hero gear (rating 154)
  • Legionnaire gear (rating 154)
  • Warstalker gear (rating 154)
  • Denova gear (rating 150)
  • Hazmat gear (rating 150)
  • Elite War Hero gear (rating 150)
  • War Hero mods / enhancements 28 (ripped from Champion War Hero gear)
  • War Hero mods / enhancements 27 (ripped from Elite War Hero gear)
  • Advanced mods/ enhancements 27 (ripped from Denova and Hazmat gear)

If you see anything else that looks suspicious, or something that we are missing, let us know. When 1.2 hits, we’ll remove all suspicious gear that hasn’t been verified. We will also flag gear that is no longer obtainable, like Champion and Centurion sets (they will still be in the database, but they will have notes that they are no longer available).

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