Talk about a perfect project for Mr. Robot – he’s a data analysis MACHINE! To live up to that title, he’s built several features for us humans to use. You can check out the combat log tool here, or check out a view with pre-loaded logs.

  • Easy uploading: You can upload your combat logs with any name, even if you renamed it. You can also upload several logs at the same time, if they are from the same run. However, Mr. Robot doesn’t want you to upload unrelated logs, it will confuse him! (Don’t worry, he’ll give you a warning if he’s confused). You can find your combat log in under “My Documents > Star Wars – The Old Republic > Combat Logs.” If the folder is empty, make sure you have “Enable Combat Logging” checked in your preferences menu in-game.
  • Share reports with friends: You can share a link to any report, any view. Try this: switch from one report tab to another, and watch the URL change. If you copy that URL at any point, it will link to the view you had in front of you at that time.
  • Merge logs with friends: It’s super easy, and automatic! When you upload your log, you’ll notice Mr. Robot asks you a couple questions, like your time zone, server, and the name of the flashpoint or operation you ran. He uses that information to look for logs that might match yours, narrows it down based on who he found in your log, and then suggests related logs. If you see the right logs, you can tell Mr. Robot to merge them, viola!
  • No login required: You can upload anything you want, and merge with friends all day long, never logging in. However, if you want a history of your logs, Mr. Robot suggests you create an account, because he’ll remember them for you next time you return. If you don’t want that free service from Mr. Robot, you can remain anonymous and just bookmark all of your logs so you don’t forget.

AskMrRobot CombatLog Player
AskMrRobot CombatLog Overview

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