We just launched a new item database, and you're probably wondering why the internet needs another source. The answer: this one is accurate and has a lot of cool data.

  • Fake items have been removed. Some items, like mastercraft mods, currently don't exist, so you won't find them in our database.
  • Mods & gear they can be ripped from: we are the first and only database to give you a list of gear that mods can be ripped from, see for yourself.
  • Random items & their variants: we are also the first and only source to have a complete list of random items and all variants, like this example.
  • Crafted items and variants: we also have all of the crafted variants with correct stats.
  • 3rd party API: in the next couple of weeks, we are launching an API that will return JSON data for characters and items. If you're developing a tool or have a cool use for your site (like even this wiki!) let me know :)

What's missing:

  • Some item source information, like mission rewards and world drops. Also, the normal mode flashpoints are only 75% complete. Everything else should be pretty solid.
  • Commenting system - coming very soon
  • Tooltips for blogger - coming very soon
  • We also have a couple of known bugs being fixed today

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