Today (March 5, 2012), Bioware hosted a guild summit and discussed a lot of upcoming changes in patch 1.2.

  • They are expanding on a lot of the legacy features
  • All crafting crew skills will be reworked so they are all useable for end-game
  • Several guild features will roll out, including a guild bank
  • 2 new dungeons will be released, 1 operation (Explosive Conflict) and 1 flashpoint (Lost Island)
  • PVP ranking will be introduced which will help with the matchmaking system
  • A new PVE and PVP set will be introduced
  • A moddable UI will also be implemented (3rd parties won't be able to develop mods, but users will be able to instead move elements of the UI around and customize it. They should be using the word 'customizable' instead of 'moddable')

For full articles, visit IGN's Summary or Dulfy's Blog (including Q&A details).

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