• Chewy001

    Best SWTOR Guides

    March 26, 2013 by Chewy001

    I've been looking around online for the best SWTOR strategy guide site and have seen a number of them.  A lot of them say they are great, but I thought I would dig a little deeper to find out which one really helps.  I found two that I really liked.  The best SWTOR guide I found was SWTORBase.  It has some great video guides that really helped me get through some difficult parts of the game.  The other one I tried was SWTOR Saviour.  It also has some decent video guides that helped.  As for SWTOR credit guides I found SWTOR Credit Savior to be the most helpful.  If you really want to get good at SWTOR you need to check out these guide.  They are well worth the time.  

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