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if anyone is wondering what this post is about it is about the price of the game.from what i can tell the price will range from US$15-US$25.that would only be for one month.i would guess this because swg is US$15 for 1 month and plenty of other games are US$10-US$30 for 1 month.but most games you can play free with resticted access for an unlimited amount of time or play free with all access for a limeted might also have a 3,6,12,and lifetime subsciptions to the game.the 3 month subscription may cost US$40-US$65.still a reasonable the 6 month subsciption might be US$70-US$120.not the best but good.the 1 year subscription could be US$120-US$210.not that good if your on a budget.the lifetime subscription could range from US$200-US$420.good if your home alot and aren't in debt or on a budget.for convienience i put it into a chart.

prices by months.
1month $15-$25
3months $40-$65
6months $70-$120
1year $120-$210
lifetime $200-$420

all prices US.

so what do you you agree with my table or do you disagree with it.if the prices have been released i don't know what they are.this has been a prediction.may the force be with you.

Cobrayen 19:53, July 15, 2011 (UTC)

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