Coddy Lightcloud

aka Kurosenshi

  • I live in New Zealand
  • I was born on October 19
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Coddy Lightcloud

    I've realised that Im not as active as I was in the past months. I've been very busy with my own guild that I could not find anything to add to this community as it is. It seems most of you are covering most of the highlights of TOR anyway.

    The Army of Light is my guild and we're steadily growing as the game progresses but it appears we have many enemies so that really blocks our members from doing what they want to do. We're a great guild and I would like it if you'd understand the lack of my activeness.

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  • Coddy Lightcloud

    I was really looking forward to recieve the Dedicated (60 days) achievement. However it appears that I missed a day and it had to reset. How do you guys do this, it really is stressful when you wasted 32 days working on this achievement and then you missed a single day!!

    Now all I got to do is get back on the horse..

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  • Coddy Lightcloud

    I've seen many red links in the pages I've created, just because they're ranks like Admirals, captains etc. I know I should just create pages instead of blogging it. But Im just blogging to ask if this is allowed cause I figure that there will be key NPCs with ranks like Grand Moffs and etc. Im just asking, if this is allowed.

    Hyungjin Chung 05:41, February 8, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Coddy Lightcloud

    Copy and Paste

    January 8, 2011 by Coddy Lightcloud

    I'm not sure if this blog is necessary but I wanna know if it is allowed so...

    Come on people! I've been seeing a lot of pages that is "Copy and Paste" from Wookiepedia. Now don't get me wrong I'm all right with new information, but it seems to be information that is either not associated with the SWTOR timelime or its just not prudent to just copy what has already been written.

    For me personally if I'm not too sure about the edits I make or if I just have no knowledge of the page I'm editting, I just go and get information out of these websites as well. However I evaluate and write it in my own words. I'm only 14 years old so correct my point of view.

    I've noticed that one of the pages I'm following has been edited with a "copy and paste" me…

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  • Coddy Lightcloud

    Im sure most of you are aware that the SWTOR classes is going to be species restricted, like WoW. Im just wondering if any other person is annoyed with this?

    Right now so far for the:

    Trooper- Human, Zabrak and Mirilian

    Jedi Knight- Human and Miraluka

    Jedi Consular- Human, Mirilian and Twi'lek

    Smuggler- Human and Twi'lek

    Imperial Agent- Human and Chiss

    Sith Warrior- Human and Sith Pureblood

    Sith Inquisitor- Human and Undetermined (can any post these species)

    Bounty Hunter- Human and Rattataki

    I always choose Human and since all of the classes would probably be Humans Im not bothered. However I still care if anyone else is bothered about this?

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