I'm not sure if this blog is necessary but I wanna know if it is allowed so...

Come on people! I've been seeing a lot of pages that is "Copy and Paste" from Wookiepedia. Now don't get me wrong I'm all right with new information, but it seems to be information that is either not associated with the SWTOR timelime or its just not prudent to just copy what has already been written.

For me personally if I'm not too sure about the edits I make or if I just have no knowledge of the page I'm editting, I just go and get information out of these websites as well. However I evaluate and write it in my own words. I'm only 14 years old so correct my point of view.

I've noticed that one of the pages I'm following has been edited with a "copy and paste" method. I compared it to the Wookiepedia page and it is exactly the same. Even the numbers beside the word (Can anyone tell me what those numbers mean?) eg [1][2][3][4]

List of examples:

Mission Vao - "Travels With Revan"

Council of First Knowledge - Whole page

Council of Reconciliation - Whole page

Council of Reassignment - Whole page

Lightsaber combat - Whole page

I may have missed some, so post any on comments. I know you guys think I'm a whiner but I need to know if this is allowed? And I'm not gonna name any names...

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