Im sure most of you are aware that the SWTOR classes is going to be species restricted, like WoW. Im just wondering if any other person is annoyed with this?

Right now so far for the:

Trooper- Human, Zabrak and Mirilian

Jedi Knight- Human and Miraluka

Jedi Consular- Human, Mirilian and Twi'lek

Smuggler- Human and Twi'lek

Imperial Agent- Human and Chiss

Sith Warrior- Human and Sith Pureblood

Sith Inquisitor- Human and Undetermined (can any post these species)

Bounty Hunter- Human and Rattataki

I always choose Human and since all of the classes would probably be Humans Im not bothered. However I still care if anyone else is bothered about this?

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