First of all, a great game. I wanted to play even if I had Mass Effect 3 about the same time. It is graphically much more inferior, but the story with my Imperial Agent is about the same quality as that of Mass Effect. The multiplayer gaming is also funnier than in other MMORPG in that you get multiplayer cutscenes.

However, I feel that SWOR is, for the moment, a game made by the rich, for the rich. It is graphically not better than Shaiya or DDO, WoW or any great MMORPG that are free. It is however much more heavier in processor power. While Mass Effect 3 runs smoothly, I need 10 minutes to log on SWOR.

The gameplay is not as fun or original as some of the free MMORPG out there. An yes, the multiplayer ideas are good, but a full-loaded server means 10 persons in the same location at the same time.

It's not to say the staff made a lousy jobs, just that it needs improved that will no doubt come over time. One of the imrpovement that they should make is the way to make money from gamers. In some MMORPG, the game is originally free, but if you want some rare gear, rare classes/races or some such, you have to pay. Another exemple would be to pay 29,99$ for each 100h of gameplay. As a casual gamers, I can play 20h in a row, but I do that once per 3 month. I do not play the rest of the time. Compare that to games like Mass Effect 3 and you'll see the overpricing...

If the game still exist in 2045, and the cost do not increase, I may have the money to play it. Till then, I will continue to hope for Star Wars.

It is just my opinion, which, I hope, is constructive and not taken as offense to anyone.

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