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  • I was born on October 12
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  • DarthGrammar01

    A few thoughts

    April 16, 2014 by DarthGrammar01

    I'm on my way home from work right now and I just thought I'd put a voice to a few things I've had on my mind recently.

    I've been a part of this community for close to eight months now and I would have to say that in that time the most enjoyable aspect of that has been the interaction that I've had with the members here on the TOR Wiki.

    Whether it has been part of discussions regarding things going on here, answering questions about anything and everything or providing mentorship to some of the younger members here, seeing how this community has evolved and grown has been - on a personal level - very rewarding for me. The opportunity to not just be a part of something, but to also help shape it and watch it develop is something that I am gra…

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  • DarthGrammar01

    SWTOR Operations Videos

    September 11, 2013 by DarthGrammar01

    On my guild website, which can be found here I have several posts that have detailed Youtube videos for boss fights in the Explosive Conflict, Terror From Beyond and Scum and Villainy SWTOR operations (in most difficulty classes) and I figured that it might be an idea to start including said videos on the operation boss pages, so that people who visit the TOR Wiki would have the opportunity to not just learn a little bit about the particular operation bosses, but also see them in action - and more importantly how to put them down.

    I understand that there is limited video content but I think there is potential that for at least operations, video content would be a big positive to have and would add a dynamic element to the wiki.

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