For posterity reasons, the driod that accompanied Darth Mannus's gifted ship to his apprentice Delcara has begun recording the tale of the young Sith.  She renamed the driod from its usual designation to Scribe.  She has a humourous streak, unusual in the Sith.

The tale begins with an encounter in Del's Academy days, with references to her youth.  Little time is spent on her youngr days as she doesn't share much with Scribe.  Much of what he learns of her is either first or second hand knowledge.  Also, he tends to extrapolate on her thoughts and private interactions with suprising accuracy.  Del is fully aware of his chronicle and is highly supportive.  It amuses her, but also shows where she may have made mistakes in the past that she can learn from for the future.

The main story is a work in progress, but there is background on all of the minor (or secondary) characters.  Scribe even manages to work in his own first interactions with the Sith.

I will post links to the first chapter if only one person asks (and I figure out how to do it!) and welcome advice.

Thank you all.

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