Drake Koeth

aka VE Callsign: Drac

  • I live in The ISD-II Halcyon Warrior
  • My occupation is Vast Imperial Chief of Naval Warfare
  • I am Male
  • Drake Koeth

    Hello all. I'm DrakeKoeth, known to my friends here as Dracule Mihawk or just Drac. Given that everything's just starting up, I thought I'd do some shameless plugging for my guild and put forth my best effort to introduce us to the community. Here goes:

    The Vast Empire is a Star Wars fanclub founded by Kadann, our Supreme Moff, in 1998. Back then the club focused almost exclusively on gaming, though a few members also wrote roleplays on the forums. As the club matured it began to shift more toward the writing aspects and gaming became less common. As a result we have one of the longest running and most successful Star Wars roleplaying forums around, with a cohesive storyline and a usual active member base of 50-70 people. Our normal rolepla…

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