Have just finished the Deceived novel. I think the tile was a little deceiving, since the main theme was not about that...

I liked the book, even if it was a little short. Nevertheless the author made three interwoven theme plots instead of just two most books with a heavy theme approach aim for. And since I like that kind of books it made me happy that this book got it pulled off.

The theme is relationships and the disadvantage they can be. Every of the three main protagonists has a emotional relationship to another person that can bring him or her down. Ayrn Leneer feels the death of Ven Zallow, which triggers in her the lust for revenge what is something jedi do not be interested in. Zeerid Korr does questionable things to protect his daughter. And then there is Darth Malgus who realises that his love for Eleena Daru can be used against him. All three characters struggle with the same basic theme, but they all find a different solution how to deal with it. I really loved how the protagonists developed during this story and hope to see likewise things later in the SWTOR game as well.

On a side note the Thunderclap was called in the book Thunderstrike.

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