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July 7, 2009
  • Heaven's Agent

    It's taken me much longer than originally intended to return to this topic, but the holidays have a tendency to grow until they dominate all of your free hours. About a month ago I began a blog discussion intended to help us define the scope of this project as we proceed toward the game's launch some time later this year. A lot was said, primarily by me, but several points were agreed upon. Or at least, two points were not the subject of disagreement:

    • The primary focus of this project is documentation of the game Star Wars: The Old Republic.
    • Source citation of material, especially before the launch of the game, needs to become a focus of this project.

    Of the two remaining topics discussed, we need to come to a decision. A simple vote, though st…

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  • Heaven's Agent

    My fall semester classes will be ending in a week and a half, which means it's time I once again re-focused my efforts into working on policy articles. In light of recent additions, discussions, and disagreements, it's become apparent that one policy we need to put into place as soon as possible is the Scope of the Project; what is the intent of TOR Wiki, what are our areas of focus, and to what depth are we are going to document this content? The following is a summary of our current situations, as I perceive them; feel free to disagree with anything I say.

    Documentation of Bioware's upcoming MMORPG title, Star Wars The Old Republic (TOR), has been the primary focus of this project since its inception, and should likely remain our primary …

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  • Heaven's Agent

    Something's been bothering me the last week or so, and it took me till this evening to realize what it is. Rather than sitting down to my computer and asking myself "what should I work on that is most needed by the project," I found myself considering "what can I work on that will better increase my Achievements score?"

    Achievements can certainly be a great benefit to some projects, but I am ashamed to say they have had a detrimental effect on the way I approach contributing to a wiki. Rather than focusing on areas that are in need of attention, I was instead motivated to pursue my own self interests. I fear this will be the case with many who contribute to TORWiki, and with that in mind I would like to propose that we remove Achievements f…

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  • Heaven's Agent

    Design 2

    Design 1

    It's been some time since I implemented the initial Planet template. At the time, this project was still searching for its own identity, and I created the infobox with two goals in mind: to help establish a feel unique for this wiki, and attempt to define a color scheme that could be adopted throughout the project.

    Now, exactly one year later, that identity is in place. Though the color scheme that's been adopted is similar to my original template, it is significantly different. Therefor, it's time for the template to receive a face lift.

    These two designs are what I came up with. I want the new template to be identical in function and similar in style to its predecessor, while incorporating the project's new sense of identit…

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