The embargo on the PvP information learned at the Fansite Summit has just lifted, and Darth Hater has posted a list of details.

Universal information

  • All classes gain Resolve bars while in PvP. These bars are a visual representation of diminishing returns that show a characters susceptibility to crowd control.
  • Resolve bars can be seen by all players alongside each player's health bar. The intent is to make tactical play accessible to more players by showing whether or not crowd control will succeed.
  • Tank characters have access to a "Guard" ability. Currently, this ability lets a tank class select a specific ally and absorb 50% of that ally's damage so long as they remain within 15m. This was added to give the last side of the trinity a place within PVP.
  • Warzone maps include power-up scattered in key locations that refresh regularly. Observed power-ups include Increased Speed, Increased Damage, and Healing.
  • All power-ups can be picked up and utilized while in stealth; this includes the Speed boost.
  • Map objectives were shown in the UI in the build we were able to play. These clearly display the total score for each team and the status of any interactive objectives.
  • You can receive at least four different rewards for PvP: Valor, Tokens, Experience, and Credits.
  • Valor is tracked like social points. Your Valor level supplies additional titles and other prestigious privileges (i.e. within a Warzone players with the highest Valor are the party leaders, can mark targets, etc).
  • Tokens are physical items that can be redeemed for stims and medkits within Warzones, or accumulated to buy PvP-specific gear and trinkets.
  • PVP gear will come with a "PVP Stat." This stat will increase a character's damage, damage absorption, and healing effectiveness specifically in PVP. It was stated that PVP gear will be, at most, 10% better for PVP then comparable PVE gear. This limit is in place to give PVP focused players a boost while still letting non-PVPers compete.
  • Match results track several stats including: Commendations, Damage Done, Kills, Defense, Deaths, Healing, Objectives, and Badges. Hovering over each of these items will give a breakdown of more stats. For example, if you hover over damage you will also see the largest hit, DPS, etc.
  • Each player is allowed to assign one commendation at the end of the match to any teammate. These commendations increase the rewards acquired by that player.
  • Kills are tracked by two numbers: enemies who died after you damaged them (or assists) and killing blows. The composite of these two numbers is the primary display on the results screen.
  • The Defense number shown on the result screen is the accumulated damage absorbed while using the "Guard" ability, as well as the damage prevented through the taunt ability.
  • Objectives are tracked by two numbers based on offense and defense. Participating in capturing a location gives you one point while participating in defending a location also gives you one point. The composite of these numbers is the primary display on the results screen.
  • Badges are rewards acquired by actions performed in a Warzone match. Similar to the point rewards seen in modern First Person Shooters such as Call of Duty, these badges will pop up on screen for a multitude of reasons. Each badge has a specific name relating to the accomplishment (i.e. guardian badge). You get them for things like absorbing 10k damage with guard without dying, reaching 100k damage overall, defending three objectives, etc.
  • When you earn a badge in a Warzone, the reason you earned one is printed in the chatbox. We were told that you will also see the reason you earned them on the scoreboard in later builds.
  • Characters on badge streaks are promoted to every player though text announcements and a general voiceover announcement (i.e. "An ally is unbeatable!"). This lets allies know who is doing well and opponents know who they should target or avoid.

Alderaan information

  • Alderaan is a objective based map similar to the "Territory" style seen in modern FPS games. You battle to control three different turrets that continually assault the opposing team's drop ship.
  • Currently, each ship has a total health pool of 600 points and each turret does 5 points of damage every few seconds.
  • Players must interact with turrets to gain control.
  • Each interaction with the turret takes a few seconds as displayed by a casting bar.
  • The health bars for both ships and the status of all three turrets are perpetually displayed in the UI. This makes it very easy to know the status of all points and the battle as a whole at a glance.
  • The central capture point is overlooked by two C shaped walk ways that can be used as cover points for Imperial Agents and Smugglers. There is a Damage power-up located there to facilitate defense of this position.
  • The two side turrets are elevated from the ground and can be accessed by short ramps. They have a short wall that can be utilized as cover. Health power-ups are located on the edge of the exterior walls halfway between the side turrets and the central turrets.
  • The Turret controls are pillars that could be accessed by any direction in the build we played. This means we could try to hide behind turret controls to gain control while relatively out of sight. We were told that there is a visual effect while interacting in later builds that make the objectives easier to defend.
  • There is an underground passage that goes below the central turret, connecting the two side turrets. There are two speed boosts located in the center of this passage.
  • The drop ships for each faction are safe zones that have PVP vendors that provide medkits and stimpaks for PVP tokens.
  • The spawn timer is hidden by the speeder bike trip that takes you from the drop ship to the battlegrounds. This means the longer your spawn timer, the longer you circle the Warzone on a speeder bike. You are constantly moving during this and it gives a very good view of the battlefield.

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